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Is this the start of a #fakesherlockmovieposters series? Yes, I think so.

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Introducing The Grant Ward Network, a place to love an unnecessarily hated character!


  • mbf me
  • You must reblog this, likes will only count as bookmarks. If you’re reblogging for sideblog, simply tag it as the url you’re entering for, or message me telling me what blog you’re entering for. 
  • Multi-fandom blogs are completely acceptable, but there must be some AoS on it! 
  • Please fill out this form. It isn’t completely necessary, but it is preferable. 

What You Get Out of This:

  • More followers
  • More notes
  • Friends!
  • A place to tag all AoS edits, fanfiction, playlists, meta, and a place to ask for promos, html help and everything under the sun.
  • kind, welcoming place to discuss Grant Ward and talk about Grant Ward love, because let’s face it, us Ward lovers need that.
  • A fun, loving setting to rave about AoS.
  • I’ll ask weekly questions to open up for discussions and allow us to get to know each other!

If You Get In:

  • Track #wardnet
  • Please follow your team members (fellow members)
  • Add a link to the network somewhere on your blog
  • Everyone in the network will be added to a blog, so I’ll need a name and a picture for it!
  • If you’re comfortable with it, give me your email to add you to the blog.

Additional Information:

  • I will make a post on May 26 announcing the 5 - 10 (maybe more, depending on how many people enter) blogs who are accepted and tag their URLs in it. I’ll also be sending out asks explaining what to do next and thanking you for entering.
  • I’m always up for suggestions on how to make networks more fun and welcoming for members/potential members.
  • Feel free to ask me any questions!

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A Bucky Barnes fanmix, featuring identities that blur and fade, tenderness that can’t be trusted, and flashes of a half-forgotten truth (interspersed with some serious swagger, of course).

covers art by thatsgooddeduction mix by neonapologist (msg me for download link)



More #fakesherlockmovieposters here.


- Benedict Cumberbatch (x)


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